Towering Athletes! “Don’t stand next to NBA players” Comparison Photos with Dwayne Johnson, Barack Obama, and Other Celebrities

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Some actors had a different career path before they landed into a celebrity stature and became famous because of their TV or movie appearances. Apparently, some of them were wrestlers, basketball players, or other types of sports player. Hence, most of them are “as tall as a mountain,” as the saying goes, and spent most of their days at the gym for bodybuilding. Appearing in movies and TV has also brought them fame.

When it comes to many American or European male stars, such as, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, the descriptions that immediately come to our minds are “very tall” and “giant-like figures.” After all, their exact height has never been mentioned. With a height like 180 or 190 cms., most people feel intimidated to stand next to these tall people. When, in fact, there are still people taller than them. When we see these actual “giant” people, we can’t help ourselves but compare them to one another.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, freely walking the streets of Hong Kong.

When we speak about the photos that can compare the heights of different celebrities, there have been some that were published in magazines and tabloids in the past. Some wrestlers, no matter how tall and heavy-built they appear, look like an average person when they stand beside an NBA player, towering over them. No matter who they are, they can’t escape the comparison amongst the other celebrities in the photos. The following photos in this article will show the height differences between artists and NBA players. After we see them, we may have a different outlook on having selfies with these “giant” players when we see them in action.

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant
Dwayne Johnson

“Tough guy” wrestler Dwayne Johnson has a towering height of 196cm. (6’4″). With large muscles and a well-toned body, he would naturally form a height difference and stand out no matter which country he is in. After all, he is not only tall but also heavy-built and his arms alone speak for themselves. A single arm is as large as a person’s head, and if you stand beside The Rock, chances are, you cannot be seen!

But such an astonishing figure has become insignificant directly beside the NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal! Here is a photo of Dwayne standing next to O’Neal, who is 216cm. tall (7’0″). In addition to being half a foot shorter, Dwayne Johnson’s body has also become a few sizes smaller. The contrast is evident — Dwayne’s built looked average standing beside Shaq~~~

Charles Barkley, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Shaquille O’Neal
Chris Evans as Captain America

“Captain America” Chris Evans should be no stranger to everyone, to play the role in the Marvel Universe movie franchises, he allotted months of preparations both physically and emotionally! The 184cm. (6’3″), 88kg. (194lbs.) model hit the gym for a few months to have chest and shoulder muscles for the role. Fans want to lean on his arms and be hugged by him, but this perfect form became average after taking a photo next to NBA players…

Chris has the perfect form for the role of Captain America. Although when he stood next to Shaq for a photo op, no matter how big and perfect form he had, Chris’s body built is still narrower by several grades. After all, the difference between the two of them is 32cm. It is hard to imagine that Captain America became petite right beside Shaquille O’Neal!

Chris Evans and Shaquille O’Neal hitting the gym.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, with a compact and solid body, built, a 185cm. (6’0″) and 80kg. (176.37lbs.) athlete, is taller than the average person in any way. However, no matter how often he hits the gym and becomes a unique “giant” in the world of football, once he is in the basketball world, it tells a different story. Even when he is still taller than average, he appears to become petite beside basketball players.

In a recent public event, Ronaldo happened to encounter NBA Oklahoma City Thunder’s towering players, Adams and Kanter. They are 213cm. (6’9″) and 210cm. (6’8″) tall, respectively. Of course, Ronaldo appears to have the same body built but on a smaller body frame. This is a very rare comparison during the encounter, though Ronaldo fits right in!

Cristiano Ronaldo, (Center) with NBA Oklahoma City Thunder players, Steven Adams (L) and Enes Kanter (R)
Barack Obama
All smiles with Shaquille O’Neal and Barack Obama.

Obama standing next to the towering O’Neal really became petite in an instant, though his momentum was completely overwhelming and made him stand out during the photo shoot.

I believe that after seeing so many photos of Shaquille with other celebrities, everyone must be surprised and can’t help commenting on the height comparison! His huge body not only made the male stars petite but also formed an interesting picture when photographed with his wife, Nicole.

Shaq with his wife, Nicole Alexander
Lovey-dovey between Shaq & Nicole

Just when everyone thought that Shaquille O’Neal wins the most towering height, there is still another person taller than Shaq. Though this NBA player belongs to an opposing team, we should not forget that another basketball player’s height towers over the other members. Known as the “Great Wall of China,” Yao Ming stands taller than Shaquille, at 229cm. (7’5″). He is the tallest member of the NBA roster. Comparing heights among celebrities may be funny, but let us not forget these gentle human giants have brought pride and entertainment to the world!

Shaquille O’Neal with Yao Ming.

Although there are beliefs that there are taller mountains than the tallest mountain, this comparison article can make us aware of the outcome when we have photo ops with towering NBA basketball players.


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