A Healthy Life Starts from A Great “Filter” – Invisible world, Picogram technology!


Is a water purifier a must-have? It’s a BIG YES!

Without a water filter machine, our body will be the filter. It is even worse if we forget to change the water filter regularly, as a result our body will absorb water that is dirtier than usual. Now, you might realize that the effectiveness of a water purifier depends on the quality of its filters.

If you are always concerned for the influence on you and your family by the harmful pollutants in the daily water supply, Picogram water purifier from South Korea can relieve all your worries about the drinking water problems!

Pureal Water Purifier by Picogram South Korea

Picogram, established in 2000, is a leading manufacturer of professional water filter cartridges in South Korea. It is one of the few high-tech companies with core technology in the field of water purification.

Picogram owns the core technology of water filter technology

The company’s customers are in the United States, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries. In 2005, the self-developed innovative snap-on disposable filter element was produced and sold in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Picogram’s innovative snap-on disposable filters – Anybody can change it!

At Picogram, we introduce water filter cartridges through a DIY conversion concept where everyone can change their own water filter. Picogram water filter cartridge is suitable for most water filter machines in Malaysia. So, there is no need to worry if you use another brand water filter machine.

Picogram’s water filters are easy to changed by customers

This is good news for those who already have a water filter machine. Do not dispose your water filter machine, no matter what brand of machine. Our company will help you to replace the water filter cartridge for your water filter machine.

We provide the best solution to change water filters by providing economical water filter machines and water filter cartridges to the Malaysian market. We believe all households need clean drinking water that goes through a quality screening process at a low cost. Not only can you change the water filter easily, but the water filtration system from Picogram turns out to be maximally effective.

Picogram Replacement Filters are suitable with most water purifiers in the market, so don’t worry if you are using another brand’s water purifier. You can easily change with Picogram and needless to say it’s a zero-monthly commitment. Why pay more when you can save BIG with Picogram?


The series of Pureal water purifier is the masterpiece of Picogram, which utilizes the best technology in the field of water purification. After four layers’ filtering, the water quality is pure and the taste is superbly fresh. This water purifier is tailor-made for you according to the water quality where you are living. Since each filter element has its unique function, we kindly remind you, please be sure to purchase the correct one.

Pureal Water Purifier has a modern and elegant design that can fit beautifully in your kitchen or living room

You can buy a unit of Pureal water filter machine and will get a set of Pureal water filter cartridge for FREE sufficient for one year use. Pureal ‘plug & twist’ water filter cartridge design allows you to change the water filter in just 3 to 5 seconds without any time-consuming water filter replacement service. How easy and convenient is Pureal water purifier!

Water is the source of life. Clean water is the beginning of a healthy life. Choosing a clean water source means you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. For the health of you and your loved ones, choose Picogram and Pureal products, trusted water filters from South Korea today!

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