Hand Sanitizer from China Contains Methanol, A Poisonous Content That May Cause Death


The UK recalls a Chinese-made hand sanitizer, an alternative to alcohol, which contains a highly-toxic substance called Methanol. Consumer protection groups have also warned people not to use the deadly hand disinfectant.

Image credit: AppleNews.com

According to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, a UK consumer protection group, the dry-cleaning hand sanitizer, “ibcccndc Instant Hand Sanitizer,” produced by Guangzhou Sizhu Network Technology Co. contains 37% methanol, while Ethanol concentrations are not sufficiently sterilized. That is, not only can it kill the new Coronavirus-Pneumonia, which originally came from Wuhan, but the user will be poisoned, too.

The hand sanitizer, which was available on online shopping platforms such as Alibaba, eBay, and Wish, has been withdrawn, while China’s Alibaba-affiliated platform has not taken these products off their shelves, and has been awarded “export certification” for the product.

According to the British Sun, Methanol is toxic and can enter the human body through the skin, causing poisoning, damaging liver function, and may also lead to blindness or even death, and cannot be used for general cleaning and disinfection purposes. Methanol is banned in both the UK and the US. (International Centre/Integrated External Report)

On Alibaba’s online shopping platform in China, merchants can still be seen selling the hand lotion. Now using a different name. The new name of the hand sanitizer is “1688.”

It is said that Chinese people who are manufacturing the new “1688 hand sanitizer” has enhanced the contents.

Beware before purchasing any hand sanitizer products and read the contents before using them. Be cautious in these days of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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