Look closely! It May Look Like a Mobile Phone Casing But It’s a Sleeping Kitten


Little furry cuteness! While they are still young, most animal lovers would envision their job as a veterinarian in an animal clinic after finishing school. When they finally can pursue their dream job, wherever they are, it feels like a second home to them since they get to meet different animals every day!

Recently, a Twitter page showing a sleeping kitten inside a worker’s pocket has gained so much attention from so many animal lovers around the globe. Some of them were jealous of these workers’ profession.

Image credit: @shyabang/Twitter

At first look, you may notice that the kitten only shows the back of its ears and head making it look like a mobile phone casing. Once you take a closer look, it is a kitten asleep in the worker’s pocket. Surely, visitors of the clinic who would see the adorable sight first-hand will be touched as netizens who have read the social media have reacted surprised.

Image credit: @shyabang/Twitter

Take a look at how cute the kitten is inside the pocket! Once it is awake and turns around, you will observe that it is oblivious to its surroundings and feels comfortable and relaxed just sitting in the pocket.

“Yes, I don’t want to get out of this pocket. I’m staying here today.”

Image credit: @shyabang/Twitter

Most people wonder why working in an animal clinic is fun. Animal cuteness is the main reason. Makes sense!


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