Cat Brings Home 2 Live Hamsters As “Gifts” for Its Owner


These are for you, my Hooman!

Cover image via ChuLei Teo (Facebook)

On October 11, a Singaporean woman recently posted on her Facebook wall on how her cat brought home 2 live hamsters in 2 days as ‘gifts’ for her.

Ms. ChuLei Teo posted on Facebook, “If anyone is missing this hamster in Chai Chee area, please contact me. Please help to share this if you know if anyone who lives in this vicinity!”

Image credit: ChuLei Teo (Facebook)

Funny, the next day, she posted again on her Facebook wall claiming that her cat brought home yet another live hamster.

“My cat brought home another hamster of similar color early this morning… Both are alive and well… Halp.”

Image credit: ChuLei Teo (Facebook)

Most of the people who read the post are wondering where the cat found the hamsters, but some others were just wondering how the furry ‘thief’ looked like.

Image credit: ChuLei Teo (Facebook)

Ms. Teo claims that her cat’s identity has to remain a secret for its own protection.

Image credit: ChuLei Teo (Facebook)

She added on her post that the hamsters will be up for adoption if no one comes to claim them.

Image credit: ChuLei Teo (Facebook)

There are pet cats who love to give “gifts” to their hoomans, although sometimes, unusually live ones. Most of them present their owners dead animals like lizards and mice.

Cats’ natural instinct is to hunt, chase, and catch. The owners, on the other hand, are both worried and thankful at the same time due to the gifts presented to them by their pets.

Image credit: Live Science

This is Ms. Teo’s post that has been shared more than 3,700 times on different social media platforms.


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