Cake Smashing On Birthday May Be ‘Fun’ But It Could Cost The Life Of A Loved One


Happy Birthday to you…” And there goes the birthday person’s face smashing into the cake. Some people get excited at birthday parties and tend to make it a memorable one for the birthday boy or girl by smashing his or her face into the cake.

Cake smashing maybe all fun, but it can kill the birthday boy or girl ( Photo Credit: Pinterest/Facebook)

Yes, smashing people’s faces into cakes maybe all fun and games…but it can literally turn out to be high stakes game!

That action might go wrong and might hurt or kill the birthday person. The reason? The cake may contain wooden spikes holding layers in place.

Looking at the photo of a cake with two wooden sticks will be enough to send you a sharp pain up your spine!
That photo, uploaded on September 23 by Facebook user Ong Lip Qin Physiotherapist – Precise Rehab went viral and garnered over 24.5K likes and 85.9K shares within a week.

A cake might have wooden spikes to hold a multi-layered cake in place (Photo Credit: Pinterest/Facebook)

Ong, advising the public against pushing the birthday boy or girl’s face into the cakes, cautioned:

“This picture is dedicated to all those who like to push the bday boy/girl’s face onto the cake. Sometimes they build the cake too high therefore it needs the wooden sticks to hold as support.”

So next time you think of “plastering” the birthday boy or girl, who could be your best friend or loved one, think again. You wouldn’t want a happy occasion to turn into a nightmare.

Comment by Facebook user

The video clip below may be old but it highlights the dangers of smashing someone’s face into a birthday cake.

Think before you smash someone’s face into the cake (Credit: TruTV)

The girl, who was celebrating her 16th birthday, was knocked unconscious after her head hit the hard surface of the table.
She was not injured but it must have been a traumatic experience, both for her and those who threw her the party.

The comment by a FB user “Stick or no-stick, just don’t do it,” questions the need to perpetuate the “tradition.”


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