Father busy flipping through smartphone, panic when his baby suddenly ‘disappear’, but actually he is holding him all the while


We all know that parents should always keep an eye on their children, especially in public. This father from China did the same, which makes him panic when his little baby suddenly ‘disappear’ in front of his eyes.

A Twitter user @aizadfahmy shared on his account showing a father panicking when he saw his child is not in the stroller. Looking dumbfounded by the incident, the father still tried to look around for his child, only to realize that the baby is with him!

His baby is in the carrier with him.

Credit: Twitter

The video footage started with the father flipping through his smartphone for quite some time while holding the stroller the whole time. Despite busy being on his phone, he didn’t forget to push the stroller with him and check on his baby – which makes him panic when the baby suddenly gone missing in a blink of eyes.

The father is looking for his child.

Credit: Twitter

Looking at the video, people on the internet can’t help to be amused by the short incident and shared their comments.

“This is the same energy when you forgot that you put your glasses over your head, or put a pen on the side of your ear for too long,” said one of comments.

So true! Remember to always be aware of your surrounding!

Watch the full video here:


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