Dog abandoned by owners outside a sanctuary and the dog chased after the owner’s car but accident happened


Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter is a pet sanctuary in Johor state, Malaysia.

They recently posted a tragic incident on their Facebook about two lady owners dumped their dog outside their sanctuary.

On the day of the incident, August 5, the dog owner actually contacted the sanctuary and they got the personal phone number of the volunteer.

They called up the volunteer and told their intention to send the dog to the sanctuary but the volunteer rejected and suggested to help them to find new owner via social media to adopt the dog instead. The dog owner hang up immediately, and unexpectedly, they drove to the sanctuary to abandon their dog!

Eyewitnesses informed the person in charge of the sanctuary, that there were 2 Indian ladies in a white small car who drove up to their sanctuary and pushed the dog out of their car.

Credit: Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

The dog was very anxious and worry when she realised her owners were dumping her.

The dog desperately ran towards the moving car and the owner’s car accidentally hit the dog.

However, the driver didn’t stop the car but just drove away the ‘crime scene’ in full speed!

Sadly, the dog had died on the spot , from internal haemorrhaging.

Credit: Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

Uncle Raymond from the sanctuary moved the dog to the side of the road to prevent other vehicles running over her again.

The sanctuary said they can only imagine that in the dog’s mind, her last few minutes of life were filled with joy of going for a car ride with people she trusted only to be betrayed at the last second.

“This dog didn’t deserve to die like this. She deserved a last act of human decency and compassion. We buried her and planted a sapling on her grave,” said the sanctuary in the facebook post.

We hope dog owners should take care their dogs like their own family and don’t abondon the pets easily.
If they can’t afford to feed their pets anymore, a proper way is to seek adoption from other owners or try other humane methods.


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