Avoid this seat number if you want a window view in the plane


Ask any travel enthusiasts about their vacation pleasures, and most of them would answer scoring window seat on the plane as their top three in the list.

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Truth is, window seats are truly the best choice to enjoy the views while you’re travelling, It preps you up for the vacation and sort of distracts you from the turbulence and air pressure issues.

For those who don’t regularly travel, they might not know that not all seats on the plane come with windows.

Fortunately for them, one heaven-sent stewardess shared on her Twitter about the perks concerning window seats. According to Erza Lisa, there is a specific seat number in every plane that does not have a window.

For those who don’t mind turning a blind eye over the absence of window next to their seat, they could opt for this one. Though it is to be noted that a majority of people who travel by plane would try any trick in the bag to secure themselves a place with window.

Erza Lisa revealed that 8A is the seat number you would want to avoid if a good plane view is your priority when booking for flight ticket. Her tips can be used for a wide range of planes starting from the Boeing 737 until 800 series.

Credit: Unsplash (Image for illustration purpose only)

Netizens are beaming over this newfound information so much that Erza’s tweet garnered more than 9,000 retweets and likes. Comments flooded in the form of memes and GIFs that thanked her for the invaluable tips.

Credit: Twitter/erza lisa

One person even provided added tips for the people to further rejoice in.

Credit: Twitter/erza lisa

Meanwhile, others shared their personal experience of going in the flight for the first time and having their excitement of getting window seats tuned down

Now that you know, be sure to plan your vacation earlier and score yourself a window seat before anyone else could. You wouldn’t want to spend 10 hours on a plane staring at a white surface, would you?


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