Adele surprises fans with her image transformation and new body that is almost unrecognizable


Adele is no stranger to the whole world. Besides her amazing singing skills and vocal talents, the England-born singer is also known for her thick curvy figure.

However, Adele has recently surprised her fans around the world, thanks to her amazing transformation. Celebrating her 32nd birthday last May 5th, Adele posted a photo of herself on May 6th on her Instagram, and people can’t be any surprised by her shocking new look.

This is how Adele looked before.

Credit: Facebook

And this is her new look.

Credit: Instagram

Adele has changed into a slim lady and almost unrecognizable. According to reports by The Sun, Adele manages to lose her weight after practicing The Sirtfood Diet, a diet that encourages people to eat plant foods such as kale and buckwheat.

These foods, known as sirtuin activators, was said to be able to suppress appetite and activate the body’s ‘skinny gene’. The diet also allows those practicing it to eat dark chocolate and drink red wine, as they are high in sirtuins.

Besides that, Adele was also said to have taken up reformer pilates with a pilates instructor named Camila Goodis.

Credit: Instagram

Pilates are training systems that use special tools designed to increase physical strength, flexibility and posture while also increasing mental awareness.

Camila was told that Adele hates exercising, so she believed that her recent amazing transformation was thanks to 90 % of dieting.

She also believes that the secret to Adele’s weight loss is giving up processed food, sugar, and fizzy drinks.

Credit: The Sun

In conclusion, Adele’s secret to her new amazing figure was down to a healthy balanced diet, eating less calories a day and expending more energy. It’s very impressive!

To those who can’t stop eating during this quarantine time, Adele is definitely our current inspiration to eat healthy and lead a healthier lifestyle.


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