Heartbreaking photo shows a loving Filipino father obtained a face mask and carefully put it on his daughter


As the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on the world, more people realize the importance of wearing a face mask, washing hands properly and using hand sanitizers.

As everyone has to wear a face mask while going outside to ensure no infection coming through, this brings us to the sudden shortage of masks. This shortage occurs all over the world and causing the face masks to be sold much higher than the usual price.

People queuing up to buy masks to avoid infections of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some people might not have a problem with that, but some others are struggling to even put a meal on the table – just like this one man in Manila, Philippines. Making a living and trying to survive by picking up waste paper, we can tell that it is not easy for the man to obtain a face mask like any others.

Amidst the danger of the deadly virus spreading, the man finally gets his hand on a face mask with so much hardship to protect oneself from the infectious pandemic.

However, instead of wearing the face mask to himself, the man carefully put the face mask on his daughter to ensure that she’s safe from any infection.

Credit: Twitter

The photo was shared by a Twitter user @ceegreen14 on his account and it’s heartbreaking to see.

“Just this morning, while I was on my way from the hospital, saw this man letting his daughter have the face mask. It was a very painful scene. The government should take appropriate measures for these people,” wrote the user.

Looking at how other countries are having it as hard as us, let us do out part by staying home and flatten the curve of the pandemic infection.


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