Stop biting your nails or increase risk of getting COVID-19 infection, expert warns


Attention nail biters! Now is probably the best time for you to quit that quirky habit of yours,, if you don’t want to contract any sort of virus, that is.

Purvi Parkih, an allergy and infectious disease expert revealed that alongside public exposure and mass gatherings, nail biting can increase your chances of getting COVID-19.

Our nails generally attract and collect dirt under the cuticles and the space between the nail and skin. Even short nails, which most nail biters have, can contain some of the worse bacteria, dirt and even viruses.

Then, every time a person bites their nail or touches their face with unwashed hands, the accumulated gunk under the nails spreads all over, causing illness and even harmful infections.

However Purvi understands that it is not a habit that can be easily kicked off. Especially now, during times of fear and panic, the habit becomes even more apparent.

For those people, she advised a few simple ‘distractions’ or alternative ways to replace their nail biting habit.

Nail biters need a stimulus. So to replace the satisfaction of gritting their nails using their teeth, they can chew a gum instead. It provides the same sensation as biting your nail, and keeps you busy and focused on chewing the gum rather than putting your nails in the mouth.

For ladies, here’s an easy way for you to quit. Go to the store, get your favorite nail polish and treat yourself to a manicure session at home.

Credit: Unsplash (Image for illustration purpose only)

While you’re pampering yourself, you are also fighting the urge to bite your nails because you don’t want to ruin your beautiful manicure, and you don’t want to ingest the nail polish because apparently it doesn’t taste as good.

For the gents, you can try covering your hands with gloves. Probably you can finally buy that leather biker gloves you’ve always wanted. Not only does it help you to not chew your nails off, you can pretend to be the macho bike adventurer you grew up watching in movies.

Now this is the most important step. Always keep your hands busy.

Get a stress ball. Pick up drawing or painting. Sew a blanket. Build a Lego model. Work your hands for its actual purpose. Who knows, you might become really good at what you do.

Credit: Unsplash (Image for illustration purpose only)

Try these out and watch yourself slowly forgetting that you ever had the habit of nail biting!


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