Malaysian police officer sleeps in a tent outside his house to prevent his family from COVID-19 infection


The number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia have spiked close to 1800 cases in the span of just one week. As of March 25 noon, 176 new cases have been recorded, with death toll hitting 17.

In accordance with the partial lockdown announced on March 18, the Royal Malaysia Police have been assigned field duty in regions across the country to help retain the calm and ensure the public is adhering to the lockdown regulations.

Policemen can be seen roaming the streets in patrol cars and bikes, advising those who still are out from their homes to return back to their family and practice social distancing.

Unlike those in corporate jobs, these men have no definite working hours, toiling in the wee hours of morning and late night, in an effort to keep public safe and protected.

These selfless men are also putting themselves at risk of contracting the virus due to their prolonged exposure outside in the open air.

Regardless, these policemen stay dedicated to their service to the country. One such police officer who was put on field duty every day since the movement control order has put up a tent outside his house and sleeps in it instead.

Credit: China Press

When asked, he said that he didn’t want to expose his wife and children to potential infection, considering he was working outdoors for extended duration.

He shared online that once he returns home from work, he takes a shower outside in the porch, proceeds to have his meal in the tent before sleeping inside it.

Alongside that, he urged the public to take the measures deviced by government seriously. He asked the people to remain isolated at home, and to never go out unless absolutely necessary.


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