Clingy cat sends owner to school every day by ‘riding’ the owner’s school bag


Waking up early in the morning and get ready to go to school is not the most exciting part of being a student. Nevertheless, it is something that this adorable cat has always been looking forward to every morning so that his owner will not have to walk to school alone.

Meet the cute tabby cat from Japan who is extremely clingy with his owner that he follows his owner to school every morning, Mee

Apparently, it has become a habit of Mee since he was still a little kitten to accompany his owner to school

All his owner has to do is just pointing his school backpack towards Mee and the cat would jump onto the backpack before they leave home for school

No matter what the weather is, Mee always makes sure to never miss the chance to follow his owner to school every day!

When he is free after sending his owner to school, the clingy cat loves to strike hilarious poses for fun

It is unknown whether or not Mee could make it to the school gate or if he would return home by himself after sending his owner to school.

But one thing for sure, Mee surely loves his owner a lot!


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