2-year-old Instagram sensation easily melts everyone’s heart with his smile and his mom is very beautiful too


This Japanese toddler first caught the attention of many people back in 2017 thanks to his super adorable face. Now aged 2, he is still captivating everyone with his charming smile.

Not much is known about Mana who currently resides in Japan with his parents

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However, there is one thing everyone knows about him; he is totally cute!

At first glance, many people might mistake him for a girl but Mana is actually a boy

His attractive features and luscious hair are just some of the reasons why he never fails to melt everyone’s heart

With his big and bright smile, it is no wonder that Mana went viral on social media for the second time

You can never say no to this beautiful doe-eyed boy

It is not hard to see where Mana gets his good genes because his parents, too, are good-looking

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Many predicted that Mana would grow up to become a successful model just like his mother who is a former model in Japan

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Just like his mother, Mana has a pair of big, almond-shaped eyes that will quickly charm anyone

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Apart from his cute face, Mana is also gifted in playing guitar and singing

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. しんぐ あ そんぐ?

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He sometimes shares his singing and antics on Instagram along with photos of him with his followers

Mana may have just turned 2 but it seems like he is a star in the making!


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