Train staff kneeling down for an hour to comfort crying passenger and even wipes her tears off and gives massages


When it comes to giving a top-notch service to the passengers, train staff are taught to always to give their best to serve everyone on board.

However, a female Taiwanese train staff went above and beyond to comfort a passenger for over an hour after the woman burst into tears during the journey.

In a recent video posted by SCMP, a female train staff can be seen kneeling next to a crying passenger as she tries her best to comfort her throughout the train ride.

Apparently, the woman received bad news during the train ride and could not help herself but to burst into tears

Upon seeing the woman crying, the kind-hearted train staff came over and helped to comfort the woman for an hour

She even patted on the woman’s back, wiped her tears off and gave her a massage to calm her down

Even more heartwarming, the train staff helped carry the woman’s bag and escorted her out when the train stopped at the next station

Credit: YouTube

It may not be in her job scope to comfort the crying passenger for over an hour but the train staff tried her best to stay by the woman’s side and comforted her.

The woman may be going through a hard time when she boarded the train but at least she knew that she was not alone thanks to the sympathy showed by the train staff.

The video has also attracted hundreds of comments on social media.

Sue Frost said, “Such kindness, also I’m from the UK and all I could think was that’s a very clean train and look how wide the aisle is!!! Joking aside though she was so lovely”

Patrick Lam said, “A Commendable and remarkable young lady with a big heart. She showed and demonstrated her great kindness and tremendous compassion when someone needs to be comforted.”


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