Boy keeps getting in trouble for doodling in class later gets hired to decorate a restaurant with his doodles


Sometimes, it is not that you are not good enough. It just means that you have not met the right people who will appreciate your skills and talents just like what happened to master of doodling in-the-making, Joe Whale.

9-year-old boy Joe loves doodling but unfortunately, he often gets in trouble for doodling in class

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“He was in school getting frustrated at the little amount of art he could do so he used to doodle on the table’s whiteboard in class and get into trouble for doodling, Joe’s father, Greg spoke to Metro.

“Joe is a really talented little boy, he’s excelling at school, he’s a great footballer and cricketer, but drawing is definitely what he is most passionate about.”

Nevertheless, seeing just how much Joe loves doodling and that he is very talented at it, Greg and his wife later decided to encourage his son’s creativity by sending him to an after-school art class

There, he hopes Joe would get as much encouragement and help to let his creative juices flow. Thankfully, it was the right decision to send Joe to the art class where his talent was acknowledged

Credit: thedoodleboy

“His mum and I decided to get him into an art class outside of school called Bloom, he’s been there for about six weeks and he loves every minute of it,” Greg said.

“His drawings blew his teacher away and they gave him his own wall to keep doodling on which he does every week when he goes there.”

Joe’s art teacher then asked Greg if she could post Joe’s work on her Instagram for everyone to see.

It did not take long before Joe’s doodles caught the attention of many netizens including a restaurant in Shrewsbury, “Number 4”

Credit: thedoodleboy

“They wanted to get Joe into their restaurant to complete an art piece on their wall, and it was in their main dining area, we were over the moon,” Greg further said

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Joe was the one who was most excited about the golden opportunity to showcase his doodles and ever since then, he and his father always go to the restaurant after school for the boy to doodle on the restaurant’s wall.

“I asked Joe and he, of course, leapt at the chance to do it so we have been going there after school where for a couple of hours a night he’ll put his creativity on their wall,” Greg said.

“Joe loves doodling and we’re so proud of everything he’s achieving, the fact that a completely independent business has asked our nine-year-old son to do a professional piece of work for them is incredible.”

As for his art teacher, she said that she recognized Joe’s incredible drawing talent the second she saw his doodles.

“I asked his parents for some of his work to assess his level and could not believe what I was looking at, we moved him into an older class straight away,” Kerry said.

“His work is very exact and immaculate, it’s very balanced, he goes straight to ink and creates perfect work straight from the start, no practising beforehand.”

Thanks to his doodling skill, Joe now has a new nickname, “The Doodle Boy”

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He also has an Instagram account where fans can view all of the amazing doodles he has done

Joe’s story shows just how important that parents should nurture and support their children’s skills and talents. Great things might happen if you acknowledge your child’s talent just like how Joe’s parents and his art teacher did for Joe!


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