Elderly mother took out mortgage to pay for son’s studies but he left her homeless instead


Parents often do their best and are even willing to make sacrifices to ensure their children only get the best in life. Unfortunately, not many children do the same in return for their parents’ hard work and sacrifices.

That is the bitter truth that a 75-year-old woman from Cotzal, Quiché, Guatemala had to swallow when she has to live on the streets after her son abandoned her.

Before her life took a turn for the worse many years ago, Catarina Raymundo still had a place to call home and several valuable belongings


However, when her son later decided to study accounting in the United States and needed money to pay for his studies, Catarina then took out a mortgage.

Her house was used as collateral for the mortgage. She even sold all of her belongings to fund her son’s studies.

She did everything for her son in hopes that he would return to Guatemala after he completed his studies in the United States


Unfortunately, she has not heard anything from her son ever since he went to the United States.

Catarina was then forced to live on the streets after her mortgage defaults


Luckily, a group of volunteers from a local church heard her struggle including Alexander Cedillo who helped raise funds to build a new home for Catarina


Catarina now no longer has to live on the streets.

In spite of her son abandoning her, she still hopes that her son would return home one day

Credit: Facebook

While Catarina may be in a forgiving mood, the internet, however, was furious. at her son.

“It’s a truly sad story. It is not the first time I have heard of these cases. You have to be a really ungrateful person to leave your mother in a situation like this, ”said a comment.

Hopefully, her son will realize what he had done to his mother and return home before it is too late. After all, a mother’s love is a love like no other.


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