From blue to red in 1 second—Russian figure skater wows audience with quick costume change, wins Skate America 2019


15-year-old Russian national figure skater Anna Shcherbakova has just debuted in her first-ever senior Grand Prix debut and she drove the sports fans crazy with her insane costume change and incredible execution of two quadruple Lutzes.

During the International Skating Union Grand Prix which took place in Las Vegas, Shcherbakova impressed the judges and the audience with clean execution of a quad Lutz, triple toe combination followed by a clean solo quad Lutz

The amazing figure skater also included a triple Lutz, a triple loop and a triple flip in a row, twice!

In other words, she managed to do nearly all the difficult jumps in competitive figure skating!

Apart from the jaw-dropping skating skills, Shcherbakova also included a gimmick which involved her having a quick change of costume in the middle of her performance

Credit: bomb01

From a lovely blue costume which she wore in the first half of her performance, Shcherbakova suddenly changed into a fiery red costume after a successful spin, drawing massive cheers from the unsuspecting crowd!

She won the competition with an overall score of 227.76 points

Credit: bomb01

According to her, she was feeling excited for her senior Grand Prix debut albeit feeling a bit nervous.

“I was really excited to skate my first time at senior Grand Prix. I was little bit nervous, too, but it was OK and my coaches helped me to do my best,” Shcherbakova said in English after her performance.

“We work on this jump a lot and we jump it every day, every training. I’m so happy I can show that I can do quad jumps. I’m really happy today that I did two quads.”

Shcherbakova hopes to execute the most challenging jump in competitive figure skating, a triple axel, in her next repertoire

Credit: bomb01

“I’m working on a triple axel,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Olympic Channel. “No, I haven’t landed a clean triple axel in practice yet. We’re working on it off ice, on ice, with harness.”

Watch her full performance during International Skating Union Grand Prix here


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