This cute rabbit gets to enjoy cherry blossom and visit the shrines together with his owner


Companionship often can be found in more ways than one. Besides humans, pets are known to be great companions. Provided they are properly taken care of and fed well, they will shower you with nothing but endless nurturing love.

Among the list of popular pets to keep are rabbits. The reason is quite obvious; they’re furry, adorable and cuddle-sized ball of life. Some might argue that rabbits are high maintenance, considering how easily they are prone to diseases.

However, the images of this photogenic rabbit might change your mind.

Kuma Goro is a rabbit that is enjoying the prime of its life travelling to places with its owner. The fluffy bunny enjoys touring to attractive places and taking pictures to show its Instagram followers.

The best part of all this? All of Kuma Goro’s pictures will show you the rabbit’s signature pose; how it fits snug into the owner’s palm and just sits there enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Just look at it. Is it a rabbit or a white cloud floating in the midst of the garden?

Though the bunny generally can be seen surrounded by scenery and nature, it also equally loves posing with (and later devouring) fruits.

Here’s one featuring the fuzzy bunny with fuzzy peaches.

The pictures are even therapeutic to look at, providing a visual healing to those who need it.

This rabbit from Kyoto, Japan currently has 44.6 K followers on Instagram. Through the photographs, Kuma Goro has caught the hearts of many as they avidly keep up with its Instagram for endless supplies of adorableness.


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