Filipino students create a US$4 device that can convert noise into electricity


Noise is something annoying and we try to avoid at all course, but imagine if you could turn noise into something useful and practical like electricity!

Recently, a group of innovative students from the Philippines has managed to turn it into reality as they came up with a device that could actually turn noise into electricity.

While the idea of turning noise into electricity has been around for quite a while, there has been no practical inventions created so far to convert noise into electricity.

That was what inspired the young investors to create a device that could transform noise from being just a waste product of human activity into a useful source of energy.

The innovative device named The Sound – Light or S-Light was invented by a group of Grade 11 students from the Philippine Science High School, Kirsten Dianne Delmo, Nico Andrei Serrato, Joecile Faith Monana, Frelean Faith Engallado, and Raphael Francis Dequilla

Credit: Manila Bulletin

When the sound waves hit the diaphragm of the speaker, the waves transmitted will prompt the magnet and the coil to interact and convert the sound energy into electricity which can be stored in a power bank.

With cost as low as P200 (US$4), the students hoped for their creative invention to make the lives of residents who live in rural communities and lack access to electricity easier.

According to the Manila Bulletin, the power capacity generated by the device can help power up a light

Credit: Raw Pixel

While more households in Asean countries like the Philippines have access to electricity today, there are still millions of people who lack access to electricity and have to rely on biomass sources like firewoods for light and heat sources in Asia.

It was estimated that at least 16 million people still have to live without adequate access to electricity in the Philippines, as reported by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Image for illustration purposes only (Credit: Raw Pixel)

This invention not only could help many poor students in the country to study in the comfort of their homes at night but also provide low-cost electrical energy to many households in the country.


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