Four time national gymnastics champion with Down Syndrome inspires the world with her modelling career


When life throws us lemons, we tend to look for inspirations to handle the harrowing ordeals it presents upon us.

For some, inspirations can come in the form of movies or books. For others, it can be a person who has defeated the odds to become who they currently are.

Chelsea Werner is definitely a woman to look up to. The 22 year old Californian is a professional gymnast who has championed the national competition FOUR times and now she is also an inspiring model!

Chelsea has Down Syndrome, but she made sure it didn’t get in the way of her living her best life. Her parents got in touch with coach Dawn Pambo after realizing the immense potential their daughter possessed for gymnastics.

Though Chelsea started the sports as a way to strengthen her low muscle tone, soon enough she found herself working hard to train for the nationals as well as the Special Olympics.

Coach Pambo shared in Today that Chelsea wasn’t equipped with the best ability in the beginning. However, with determination and undeterred faith, he started pushing her to her best limits and she eventually trained 16 hours everyday for all her competitions.

The young iron lady now has ventured into modelling. She was featured on the cover of Teen Vogue and can be seen smiling and posing it away in front of the camera.

“My nickname’s Showtime on the Instagram, and it came from my love for being in front of the camera,” she shared with Faith Panda.

Chelsea has walked the runway in New York Fashion Week and she ‘s actively involved in campaigns for major brands.

When asked about her opinion on being the role model for many young people, she beams with joy. “Happy and proud is what i feel when i’m able to give hope to people out there”, she added.

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Chelsea Werner is the proof that with hard work and perseverance, sky is the only limit.


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