Viral video—White stray dog gets free takeaway every day from a generous stall owner


A Malaysian chicken rice stall has recently become viral on social media thanks to their adorable four-legged regular customer who always gets takeaway from the shop every single day!

In a now-viral video on Facebook posted by user Alex Sim, the stray dog can be seen sitting patiently at the stall as it waits for the owner to pack him some chicken rice.

As if it knew that the owner might be busy taking orders from the customers, the stray dog just sits quietly while a woman pets him on the nose

Credit: Facebook/Alex Sim

According to Malay Mail, the stray dog may be homeless but he is actually a regular ‘customer’ at the chicken rice stall.

Every day, the dog will come to the stall for a pack of a generous amount of chicken rice, courtesy of the kind stall owner

Credit: Facebook/Alex Sim

Nicknamed “Little White”, the stray dog then will leave after he gets a takeaway in the form of a plastic bag full of chicken rice

Credit: Facebook/Alex Sim

As the customers might be uncomfortable to dine at the stall if they feed the stray dog with the rice on the spot, the owner decided to give the dog a takeaway so that the canine can eat it outside the premise

Credit: Facebook/Alex Sim

The short video of the lucky stray dog waiting for his takeaway patiently at the stall had quickly drawn attention from the netizens with many expressing their admiration for the canine’s behaviour.

The video has so far been viewed 222,563 times and has received more than 1,000 comments

Credit: Facebook/Alex Sim

Many netizens also left comments about the kindness that the stall owner showed to the dog despite him coming every day to the stall for free food

Credit: Facebook/Alex Sim

“Thank you very much for feeding her. May God bless you and your family,” wrote a comment while another made a comment at how lucky the dog was for getting free chicken rice while he was only having noodle soup. “It gets to eat fried chicken. I am only having kueh teow soup,” the comment wrote.

Watch how the lucky dog waits for his takeaway at the stall here


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