“In return for your sufferings, God gave you twins” After having stomach pain, woman finds out she is pregnant with twins

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When cancer survivor Josephine had extreme pain in her abdomen in November 2018, she was worried that her ovarian cancer might have returned. 

Back in 2003, the woman from Sabah, Malaysia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Fortunately, she managed to put a good fight against it and has since become free of ovarian cancer.

Nevertheless, when she suddenly had a pain in her lower abdomen years after she was declared cancer-free, Josephine could not help but worried if the cancer had returned.

Credit: Facebook

“One morning in November 2018, I had extreme pain in my stomach and was worried if my cancer had returned. So, I went to see the doctor immediately and told the doctor about my concern,” Josephine wrote in her Facebook post.

Luckily, the doctor told her she should be relieved that there were no signs that her ovarian cancer had returned. Rather, her stomach pain was due to her being pregnant.

Still, Josephine could not rejoice over the good news as she was skeptical about the doctor’s diagnose. She then went to get a second opinion.

“I was not satisfied with the first diagnose so I went to see the doctor at the hospital where I underwent surgery to remove my right ovary and had a series of chemotherapy 15 years ago,” she wrote.

Turns out, the first doctor was right. Josephine was indeed pregnant! “The doctor explained to me that the pain was due to my uterus getting stretched to accommodate the growing fetus,” Josephine continued.

After the second visit to the doctor, Josephine finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoyed her pregnancy.

However, the suspense did not just stop there. When she was 16 weeks pregnant, the doctor found another surprise during her ultrasound scan.

“You are actually pregnant with twins. Do you know that you are going to have twins?” the doctor asked Josephine.

Josephine was really surprised by the unexpected news.

It turns out that she was going to have a pair of twin girls despite having only one ovary after she had to remove her right ovary due to her ovarian cancer years ago. 

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It was a true miracle that no one had predicted for Josephine including herself. She never expected that she had a chance to be a mother after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 15 years ago and to be pregnant with twins was indeed a huge blessing.

She still could not believe her luck to get pregnant with twins until a nurse who assisted her during her childbirth told her that it was what God gave her in return for her suffering.

“In return for your sufferings, God gave you twins,” the nurse said to her.

The nurse’s words had Josephine choking with tears. It was a wonderful expression to summarise her life for the past 15 years.

Now, she is blessed with twins as a huge reward for all the hard times she went through. 

Credit: Facebook

Josephine had safely delivered her twin girls at a hospital in Selangor on May 25, 2019 through a cesarean section. A big congratulations to Josephine and her family!


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