Mom shares how simple lifestyle changes help her diabetic daughter lose weight in 5 months


When her little daughter kept piling on weight for the last two years, one mother began to worry if she had been feeding her wrong. It was not until the little girl often got teased by other kids and showed some signs of diabetes that she knew she had to do something.

In her Facebook post, the mother shared her journey of how she and her daughter first started into living and eating healthy.

It all began when she noticed that her daughter, Melanie kept on gaining weight for the last two years.

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As Melanie had always been quite chubby since she was a baby, the mother did not really notice what had gone wrong until Melanie complained about being tired from walking.

From then on, the mother realized that Melanie snored when she was sleeping and wheezed when she tried to breathe normally.

Unfortunately, the little girl’s breathing difficulties were just some of the problems.

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“She also couldn’t keep up with other kids on the playground, showing signs of diabetes and was already getting teased. As a mom I felt so guilty and sorry for her at the same time,” Melanie’s mother wrote in her post.

Determined to help Melanie lose her weight before she might develop other health complications, the mother then figured out that she needed to control her food portions.

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She wasn’t sure how to do it at first until she read the book “red light, green light, eat right” written by Joanna Dolgoff a pediatrician that specializes in childhood obesity. She did a lot of research and started to learn how to control calorie intake.

She also got rid of the junk food and everything else that was not included in their healthy meal plan.

As a mother, she also felt that it was important for their family to get involved in helping Melanie to lose weight.

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“I keep saying we because we did it as a family. Everyone ate and drank the same thing…total house support,” she wrote, adding that the lifestyle change was what they were aiming to get healthier.

The mother added that getting Melanie involved with the cooking process also helped in teaching her how to eat right.

Nevertheless, there were times when it could get difficult to teach Melanie to eat vegetables and fruits and that was when she disguised vegetables in her smoothies and played games during dinner.

“For the vegetables she didn’t like we played games at the dinner table and I would watch her eat vegetables she denied in the past. We made popsicles with flavored water, some with low fat yogurt and fruits.”

Apart from the healthy diet which mainly consisted of vegetables and fruits, they also played and exercised frequently.

“This was a main source of exercise… trampoline, park, swimming, gymnastics, scooter, bike, walk, run, water balloon fight, water gun and dart fight… anything to stay active.”

It was a tough journey and took a lot of effort for their whole family especially Melanie to change their lifestyle but the results were absolutely worth it!

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From an overweight little girl, Melanie now looks so much different than she used to.

In just 20 weeks, she was in better shape and seems happier and energetic!

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“She did well I’m super proud of her,” the mother wrote.

Well done, Melanie!

Read the full post here.

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