Japanese mother’s rhythmic beats to lure cockroach out of kitchen cabinet is so good that the internet makes parodies of it

Photo for illustration purpose (Credit: Errances.net(L), Twitter (R))

Cockroaches are nuisance creatures who love to hide in the darkest and narrowest corner in the kitchen upon the sight of humans, making it super hard to get rid of them some times. 

However, one Japanese woman seems to have figured out the best way to lure the insects out of a kitchen cabinet and it only involves a pair of chopsticks!

In a now-viral video on the internet, a video posted by Twitter user @darakkuma214 on July 7 shows how his mother uses a simple tactic to get rid of cockroaches from their kitchen.

Credit: Twitter

It began when the family was enjoying kiwis in their kitchen when they suddenly spotted a cockroach wandering about near the kitchen.

The mother then tried to spray insecticide towards the cockroach but it managed to escape the spray and quickly fled into the kitchen cabinet.

The mother then thought that the cockroach was hiding under their kitchen stove which happened to be a pull-out drawer.

It is common for kitchens in Japan to use pull-out stoves to make grilling fish easier.

Not wanting the cockroach to stay under the kitchen stove, the mother then decided to take matters into her own hands.

In the video, the mother can be seen banging the kitchen cabinet with a pair of chopsticks with short and rhythmic beats to lure the cockroach out.

At the same time, she pulls and closes the pull-out stove while solely focusing on getting rid of the cockroach. Needless to say, it sounded like music!

When user @darakkuma214 realized what his mother was doing, he quickly recorded a four-second clip of the scene and uploaded it on Twitter.

Turns out, he was not the only one who thought that his mother’s attempt to lure the cockroach out of the kitchen cabinet had turned into an accidental percussion performance but thousands of other netizens as well.

Netizens were so impressed by his mother’s skills that some even came up with illustrations and remixes for the hilarious video.

Some even wrote a score for the video!

While it remains uncertain whether or not the cockroach was caught at the end, the user shared that his mother was entertained by all the responses they received for the video.

“I’ve been showing everyone’s replies to my mom, and she’s been getting a lot of huge laughs out of them,” he told SoraNews24.

According to him, she “deserves all the laughs she can get” as she just recovered from cancer recently and is now doing well.

The cockroach might not want to mess with a cancer-survivor like this Japanese mother!


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