Touching gestures to help their special needs classmate show that these boys have hearts of gold


Two elementary school boys from the Philippines certainly proved that they are boys with hearts of gold for feeding and fanning their special needs classmate. 

In the viral Facebook video, the boys named Yuan and Karl can be seen feeding and fanning their classmate, Hans, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

The two boys surely made a great team as Yuan took the role of feeding Hans some chips while Karl bent down to adjust the fan for Hans.

Credit: Facebook

The three boys are classmates and students who Christine Lopez teaches. Lopez works as a Special Education teacher at Mouaque Resettlement Elementary School in the Philippines.

Lopez had been telling both Yuan and Karl to help Hans with eating and writing since June 3, the first day of their class.

So, it took her by surprise when she discovered that Yuan and Karl actually took the initiative to feed Hans without being told to do so.

In the video, Hans who can be seen sitting in his wheelchair is fed with chips by both of them who took turns to feed him.

At one point in the video, Yuan even asks their classmate to open his mouth for the chips he is about to feed him in such an adorable way!

Credit: Facebook

Meanwhile, Karl is getting busy on the floor as he makes sure Hans feels comfortable as he is adjusting the fan towards his classmate.

Credit: Facebook

The boys may be young but they definitely have good hearts by helping their special needs classmate.

We hope the three boys stay good friends with each other for many years to come!

Watch the full video here.


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