“I would protect them with my life” — Robert Downey Jr. shares his love for rescue animals


With the Avengers’ last superhero installment, “Avengers: Endgame” ended, it also marks the end of Robert Downey Jr.’s “Iron Man” character.

However, the actor is preparing for another exciting project called “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle” which he takes the role of “Dr. Dolittle”, a veterinarian who can talk to animals.

The film might be a fantasy genre but it appears that he is quite similar to the fictional character more than anyone knows.

A true cat lover, Downey began his love towards cats when he was in a relationship with actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

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However, it was not until his wife, Susan, brought two stray cats from West Hollywood to their home and adopted the felines, cats quickly became one of his favorites.

The two cats which Downey and his wife named Montgomery and Dartanian were found by their friend in a bush in West Hollywood. 

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In an interview with Men’s Fitness, he admitted that he was not keen to have rescued animals near his house at first. “I was adamantly opposed to the whole idea,” he said.

“And now I couldn’t imagine living without them. I’ve become one of those people where the Missus is like, ‘They don’t want to see iPhone pictures of our kittens right now. Stop it.'”

“I would protect them with my life,” he added.

Ever since the two cats entered his life, Downey has become more involved in charities involving abused and neglected animals.

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All thanks to felines Montgomery and Dartanian!

With all the efforts he has put towards saving animals, there is no doubt that Downey will make an excellent portrayal of “Dr. Dolittle”.

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“Dr. Dolittle” is well-known by many based on its and 1967 and 1998 films which he lives and treats animals as well as communicating with them.


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