“You don’t know how lucky you are” Photos of construction workers sleeping on construction materials spark sympathy from the internet


Heartbreaking photos of construction workers sleeping in and around construction materials making rounds on the internet are calling for sympathy to those who are unfortunate.

The photos which have quickly gone viral after they were posted to Facebook by user Tarzanx Elimin Camry show construction workers having to sleep on makeshift beds made out of cardboard are truly heart-wrenching.

Some of the workers even forgo the comfort of having a cardboard cover and choose to lay their exhausted bodies right on the construction materials.

Along with photos, the user wrote a caption which said, “This is the struggle of a man for the sake of his wife and child.” 

Ini lah perjuangan seorang laki2 demi menghidupi istri dan anak nya

Posted by Tarzanx Elimin Camry on Sunday, July 7, 2019

It is obvious that these workers will take whatever they have and make a makeshift bed out of it that is comfortable enough for them to sleep in.

Credit: Facebook

Considering that most of them are migrant workers who have left everything they have back in their home countries for the sake of a menial job, it is truly heartbreaking to see that they have to endure such living condition.

Credit: Facebook

Following the post gaining attention from the netizens, comments have been pouring in to show sympathy to the construction workers.

Credit: Facebook

“May Allah protect and ease the affairs of these men who go out in order to earn a livelihood for his family,” one netizen commented.

Another netizen commented, “What a big sacrifice these men make in order to earn a living for his family. Through rain and heat. May their burdens be eased.”

Ironically, these hardworking men help build the building we live in but they have no place to rest and sleep for themselves.


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