Chinese man lives in his car and never showers for a month to stalk his ex-girlfriend

Photo for illustration purpose (Credit: Wikimedia (L))

One man from China became obsessed with his ex-girlfriend following their break-up that he began to stalk her for two years!

The Chinese man who was only known as Tang broke up with his ex-girlfriend after one-and-a-half-years relationship.

Frustrated about the unforeseeable break-up, Tang grew an obsession towards his ex-girlfriend named Liu and started to stalk her for two whole years.

He even immediately divorced his wife to begin stalking his ex-girlfriend.

Liu then found out that he was a married man after they had dated for nearly two years.

Their relationship began after the two met on an online game.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Pixabay)

Shocked by the fact that Tang was actually a married man, Liu decided to break-up straight away, leaving Tang devastated.

Crushed by their break-up, Tang divorced his wife to be with Liu again. The man then began to stalk his ex-girlfriend for two years.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Pixabay)

He even tried forcing her into his car but it only ended with a serious car crash.

Liu then moved from Hunan to Jiangsu to avoid Tang. However, the man managed to find her new address and started to carry out his unbelievably creepy plan — camping outside her apartment in his car in the hope that he could surprise her.

The surprise, unfortunately, involved with him breaking into Liu’s house and strangling her with his bare hands on the midnight of May 24.

Fortunately, Liu managed to escape and fled from the scene. 

Credit: SinChew Daily

Not only that Liu was absolutely in shock and terrified because of the shocking incident, but she also nearly fainted because of Tang’s stench, according to SinChew Daily.

Apparently, Tang never showered for the whole month he spent stalking his ex-girlfriend in his car!

That was not the only shocking revelation made following his arrest by the police. Tang had also been discovered to back up Liu’s chat history and tracked her locations from various places!

According to Tang, his crazed obsession towards Liu was only because he “loved her too much” and that had caused him to behave aggressively towards her.

Well, that is surely not a sound excuse for his deranged behavior nor his obsession towards his ex-girlfriend.

Hopefully, Liu can finally live her life without fear that Tang might show up near her house unexpectedly again after this!


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