Women who stay single for a long time are the happiest

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It is a common presumption that women who are single are less happy, lonely and unfulfilled compared to women in a relationship. 

However, women being in a relationship does not actually go hand in hand with them being content and satisfied with their lives.

As they do not need a partner to make them feel happy and fulfilled, single women are often happier than women in a relationship and here is why:

  1. They embrace their solitude
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Single women are happy with who they are and they do not feel the need to have other’s companies, whether they go out for lunch at their favorite restaurant or watching movies at home.

They embrace their solitude and are comfortable with their own company.

2. They have plenty of time to focus on themselves

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Since romantic relationship does not occupy their time, single women often end up the happiest as they can truly focus on their needs, goals and passions.

They have all the time in the world to figure out what they want and need. By the time they decide anything, they do not have to think about their partner and just go for it!

3. They are more connected with friends, family and co-workers

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They stay close to them and do not drift apart which is something that may be hard to do when one is in a romantic relationship.

4. They embrace their freedom

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They are able to take care of themselves and make a living on their own. Forget a partner, single women show that they are capable of building a meaningful and enjoyable life they want.

5. They know that having a partner is not everything

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Sure, being in a relationship is nice but single women know that a romantic relationship is not everything in their world. Instead of spending time thinking and chasing about men, single women use their energy and time to achieve their dreams and goals.

To them, solitude is not terrifying but rather, it is empowering.

Plus, if they do meet someone later on, it means that the person is someone who encourages them to be a better version of themselves, not because they need the person to complete their lives.

After all, what is more meaningful and better than self-love?

Credit: Curious Mind Magazine 


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