People who walk in faster speed are less happy, study says


Have you ever seen people walking fast on the road and looks like they’re always in rush? Are you one of them?

According to Syok, we are able to see the personality of a person from their speed of walking. It turned out that we can tell apart if the person is not happy or worried based on how fast they walk.

According to the research made, the faster the speed of our walk, the more unhappy we are. People who tend to walk fast were said to get easily nervous and feel that they always have things chasing over them—like a never-ending work at the office or something they need to finish quickly.

People usually walk faster than usual when they have things to settle.

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They are often not able to adjust to their emotion and let themselves be in a tight situation—which eventually makes them fall into unhappiness. In addition, it was said that the people who tend to walk very quickly always think that everything needs to be perfect.

Hence, these people rarely get rest in their life.

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Whereas people who walk in slower speed are more introvert, shy, overly cautious and less likely to make friends. However, they are more happy with life.

What do you think about the research? Did any of these relate to you? Share your opinion with us in the comment section!


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