Watching rerun of our favourite TV shows and films is good for our soul, study says

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There is a reason why you always love to watch all the reruns of your favorite show despite having pretty much memorized the plot and the dialogue.

According to a 2012 study done by the University of Chicago Press which is published in the Journal of Consumer Research, there is a psychological reason why you love returning to watch your favorite television shows and films again and again.

Watching reruns of your favorite TV shows and films gives the same pleasure similar to reading your favorite book or sitting in your usual seat at your favorite local restaurant.

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The study said that the act of “reconsumption” is one way of consumers to express and affirm their “individual experience and its special meanings to them.”

“Reconsumption is a petition, a form of actively seeking, a way of asking for something from the past, a way of becoming rather than returning.”

In other words, enjoying the reruns of your favorite shows and films can make you feel happy and comforted.

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It is not surprising why you choose to return to watch the old shows and films.

Returning to what we have found pleasure and familiar with is one of the ways to reconnect with our inner selves. 

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The familiarity of the characters and the plot is equivalent to how we are always comforted by the people we know and the feelings of attachment to a certain place we frequently spent in our childhood.

As time goes by, we tend to look at our favorite shows and films with a different perspective or that they can take on a different meaning.

So, go ahead and watch the reruns if you like!


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