“They say pregnancy is a blessing but not for me” Touching video shows realities of caregiving and sparks discussion among netizens


They say we’ll never understand how it feels to be parents until we become one ourselves.

Recently, an insurance company Great Eastern Singapore uploaded a touching three-minute-long video on their Facebook page—and it will bring tears to your eyes.

The video follows the life of a newly expectant mother. To many, pregnancy is definitely a blessing. But it doesn’t seem like it to this young mother. Being a mother is not an easy thing to do, so do being a caregiver. But for her, she has to be both.

The young mother was looking at her ultrasound but she mentioned how the pregnancy almost feels like a burden to her.

Credit: Facebook/Great Eastern Singapore

Before being a mother herself, the woman seems that she has to go through several stressful situations that looked like it was initiated by a child full of tantrums.

After a long day at work, she comes back to a huge mess in the kitchen,

Credit: Facebook/Great Eastern Singapore

Or sometimes having food thrown right in her face.

Credit: Facebook/Great Eastern Singapore

Getting splashed in soapy water during bath times seems like nothing unusual to her too.

Credit: Facebook/Great Eastern Singapore

Thanks to all these incidents, the young mother feels as if the joy of pregnancy was taken away from her—even though she didn’t mean what she said.

Credit: Facebook/Great Eastern Singapore

It turned out that the heavily pregnant lady is actually the main caregiver of her mother. Holding the huge responsibility, it’s not easy for the young woman because her mother seems to be suffering from dementia too.

Aside from being pregnant, the young woman has a responsibility to take care of her mother too.

Credit: Facebook/Great Eastern Singapore

But despite how difficult it was for her, she’s still her mother. At the end of the video, the young woman seems that she successfully overcomes every stressful event and happily taking care of her mother.

She’s her mother’s daughter after all.

Credit: Facebook/Great Eastern Singapore

Thanks to the realities of caregiving, touching moments and beautiful messages shown, the video has racked up to 525,000 views with more than 4,500 reactions and 1,352 shares.

After watching the video, most of them commented on how this is a reminder to never take your loved ones for granted and said that the video really reflects the challenges of a caregiver.

Watch the touching video here, and maybe prepare some tissues too:


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