7 friends bought a US$580k house on their 10th anniversary to retire together is the sweetest friendship story today


We often heard stories of true love, but probably never heard about the story of true friendship like this one.

When you found good friends who you can trust through both hardship and happiness, you might want to buy a house and live with them forever too—like this group of friends in Guangzhou, China.

Since they first worked in the same newspaper company years ago,

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

These seven women have known each other for more than 10 years.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

According to Ettoday, one of the friends called Jin Du mentioned that seven of them grew close quickly because they all came from similar backgrounds—they love to discuss quantum mechanics and the mysteries of the universe instead of gossiping when they spend their time together.

“At that time, we would often laugh and joke that when we were old, we would find a house surrounded by nature and retire there together 20 years later,” told Jin Du.

Despite having some of them moved to other states, got married and started their own business, all of them still kept in contact. When they all met in 2018 for their 10th friendship anniversary in Beijing, things that they thought will only be a joke became a reality—someone mentioned about retirement.

This brings them back to the promise they once had of buying a house and retiring together. To this, Jin Du mentioned that it’s better if the plan is executed now instead of 20 years later—so they started looking for a house that would suit their needs.

After viewing more than 20 houses, they found the place of their dream located an hour away from Guangzhou’s city center.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

The place is surrounded by beautiful nature too—just like how they dreamed it to be!

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

The three-storey house comes complete with a glass viewing room,

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

And tea area overlooking the greenery.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

It also has a beautiful open kitchen,

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

And a big dining place too.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

This house costs the seven friends 4 million RMB (around $582,114).

Credit: Lookers News

Amazingly, this group of good friends also came up with a long-term plan where each of them has to master a particular skill such as growing vegetables, cooking and playing the piano so they would all have a pleasant life together.

They didn’t miss out of arranging the tasks accordingly among them to prevent any future arguments and to avoid burdening each other as well.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

“Many people have said that they want to buy a house to live together with their friends but how many people actually did that?”

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

We’ve arranged for our retirement 20 years later and this is the most meaningful thing I have done this year,” told Jin Du.

These women also mentioned that they would gather here during the festive seasons and celebrate the special days together.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

They would also bring along their families together so that they could have a good relationship with each other.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

The house is big and cozy.

This is how one of the bedrooms in the house looks like.

Credit: YouTube/Yitiao

Currently, they still have their own separate lives and agreed to rent out the house as a homestay before they retire there.

Such a beautiful friendship!

Watch the full video here:


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