Wife struggles to go through intense labor pain, husband makes her laugh by dancing during her labor


One loving husband from China was willing to go extra lengths to comfort his wife who was having painful contractions after she went into labor by breaking into an impromptu dance!

The couple from Hainan, China rushed to the hospital on June 27 at 3 am when they realized the wife was going into labor, according to Oriental Daily.

The wife is a first-time mother and being nervous about her first delivery certainly did not help her to bear the painful contractions she was having. 

Her husband who was identified as Wang was anxious about the delivery as well but his heart broke when he saw his wife struggled to go through the intense labor pain.

Wang who followed his wife into the labor room then requested for the doctors to give his wife epidural anesthesia to subside the pain but he knew that his wife still needed support and encouragement from him to make it through the delivery.

So, Wang who is also a dance instructor came up with an idea to make her laugh.

“Honey, let me dance for you! I’m sure you won’t be in so much pain after watching me dance!” Wang said to his wife.

Just right after he finished the sentence, Wang broke into a random traditional dance in the labor room as his wife watched from her bed. 

Credit: Weibo

Thanks to the amazing impromptu dance performance shown by her husband, the wife managed to get distracted from her pain and giggled over her husband’s effort to make her laugh.

Nevertheless, it seemed that Wang not only managed to his wife distracted but also the hospital staff who were present in the labor room.

Impressed by the husband’s loving act to comfort his wife, the hospital staff recorded Wang’s performance. The video later was uploaded to social media and it did not take long for it to go viral on the internet!

As the video went viral, netizens expressed their admiration over the husband’s effort and also his professional moves.

One netizen commented, “He’s a sweet husband, and he’ll be a sweet dad too!” while another netizen wrote, “The pain level of labor is intensely high, so sweet of him to do this.”

Credit: Weibo

Another netizen also joked about how energetic Wang was when he was dancing. “I was scared that his shoe would go flying at the mother’s face,” the comment wrote.

Both Wang and his wife are now parents to a healthy baby boy and we can imagine how excited Wang must be to welcome their first child together!


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