Father visits daughter’s house after she appears in his dream with his late wife, shocked to find her dead


A Thai father’s dream about his late wife and his 46-year-old daughter visiting him has led to a shocking discovery of the daughter’s death. 

It all began when a 71-year-old father from Thailand, Boonlong Boonplun said that he had a strange dream where his late wife and his daughter Thiphaphat Phaksuk visited him on June 15, according to The Nation.

Boonplun had a fatherly instinct that something bad must have happened to her daughter.

Credit: China Press

He then made a visit to his daughter’s house which was located in Lam Luk Ka district, 20 kilometers away from his home in Phichit.

When he arrived at her house, the father was shocked to find that weeds had grown around the house as if the house had been abandoned for quite a while. 

Credit: China Press

Boonplun later decided to move towards the house and that was when he caught a whiff of strange smell coming from the house.

The father then asked for security officers to break into his daughter’s house and searched around the house.

They later discovered dried-up remains of his daughter at the door of the toilet on the ground floor of the two-story house.

Credit: China Press

Apparently, the daughter has been dead for at least six months but as she was living alone after being separated from her husband, no one was aware of her death.

Meanwhile, her neighbors claimed that they thought the deceased had moved out because her water and power had been cut off due to pending bills.

His daughter’s death came as a great shock to Boonplun as he lives not far away from his daughter’s house and had always wanted to pay a visit to her daughter.

Credit: The Nation

However, he said that his daughter always said that she was busy and they had not seen each other for quite some time before she passed away.

According to the police investigation, the daughter’s death did not look suspicious and it is believed that the woman might have died due to a heart attack.

Nevertheless, Phaksuk’s body has been sent to Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital for an autopsy to determine the real cause of her death.


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