Selfless caregiver gives elderly in wheelchair the only umbrella they have while getting drenched in rain herself


While there may be many caregivers who take good care of the elderly, not many may choose to go great lengths for the sake of the seniors under their care like this selfless caregiver.

Even though she got paid as a caregiver, it did not stop her from treating the elderly whom she took care of like her own parent.

As seen in the photos, the caregiver selflessly pushes the elderly’s wheelchair in the heavy rain while making sure that the elderly does not get wet in the rain.


The heartwarming scene was captured by a netizen who saw the caregiver pushing the elderly in a wheelchair down the road when it was raining heavily.

Apparently, the caregiver did not only try her best to push the elderly in a wheelchair but she also gave the only umbrella they had so that he or she would stay dry.

She doesn’t seem to mind getting drenched.


The touching photos of the caregiver and the elderly instantly moved everyone on the internet when the photos went viral on social media.

If you were in the same situation as the caregiver and it was your parent in the wheelchair, would you be able to do the same?


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