Grateful stray dog looks after butcher shop after store owner feeds him when starving


Often when we see a dog coming near meat, there’s nothing else it would do than eating them. But, things are different with this dog.

Most people in the area are familiar with many stray dogs wandering around their places and shops, but there’s one dog that particularly catches their eyes. The stray dog often comes near the butcher shop and silently sits in front of it.

The dog sat in front of the butcher shop and didn’t even touch the meat.

Credit: Sohu

Initially, the residents of the place thought that the stray dog was coming after the meat from the shop. But according to Sohu, the workers of the shop explained that the dog actually came to help them look after the stall.

It all started one day when the dog suddenly came to the butcher shop looking extremely hungry and pitiful when the store owner was about to go back home. As the stray dog looked especially thin and starving, the store manager went to cut some meat and gave it to the dog.

Right after eating the meat, the dog was gone.

Credit: Sohu

But since that day, the dog would run to the door of the butcher shop every single day. However, the grateful dog didn’t ask for any more meat but it’s just sitting there quietly.

Interestingly, it would bark a few times when it saw the customer’s coming—as if it’s calling for the owner and informing him that he got a customer in the shop.  

Credit: Sohu

Since then, the owner knew that the stray dog was so grateful to him for giving it the food—so the dog helped look after the stall for him while he was at the back of the store.

Little act of kindness does make a difference!


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