Community surprises 78-yo volleyball referee with a brand new car and US$2,000 after his car died


Lemuel Buster is a referee for Paulding County Parks and Recreation Department and the 78-year-old former volleyball player is willing to do anything for the community.

In return for his ultimate support and commitment for the sport and the community, they had something precious for Lemuel.

78-year-old Lemuel who is also a retired navy vet struck an unfortunate incident a few weeks ago when his car died. 

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However, that did not stop him from not committing to his duties as a volleyball referee.

“I made a commitment and a commitment mean a lot to me,” Lemuel told 11Alive. “I did what I knew I needed to do. I rented a car.”

To him, the recreation league and the community were a part of his extended family. Everyone in the community from the parents to the players was like his own children and grandchildren.

Apparently, the members of the league felt the same way about Lemuel as well. 

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When they found out that his car died and that Lemuel had been renting a car for the past few weeks just to help them out, they wanted to do something in return for his kindness.

They secretly set up fundraising for Lemuel and two weeks later, they had enough to get him a convertible Chrysler Sebring!

Credit: YouTube

They also raised more than $2000 for him to use on tags and gas. 

Credit: YouTube

When Lemuel found out about the sweet surprise, he was rendered speechless. “I was in tears! There was nothing I could say. It was amazing,” he said.

“I will not ever forget this day as long as I live. “The whole experience is a blessing, and I am very thankful and humble,” Lemuel said.

Watch the heartwarming moment when Lemuel was surprised with a new car here.


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