Siblings repair shoes after school daily to cover school expenses, heartwarming photos went viral and netizens are touched


While some students are busy taking tuition classes or other after-school activities, these two siblings from Palawan, Philippines choose to repair shoes to earn extra money for school.

Unlike many students from more privileged and affluent backgrounds, Manuelita and Micko Borbon cannot afford to take a rest or attend extra-curricular activities after school ends.

According to a viral Facebook post, the two siblings have to go straight to the shoe repair shop which their family owns to repair some shoes. It is the only way for them to earn extra money for school projects, fare, and other school expenses.

Manuelita, 13 and her brother, Micko, 12, are Grade 8 and Grade 7 students at Palawan National High School.

Credit: Facebook/Jernannie Jethro Juaton

They are the first two of four siblings. Their parents, Emmanuel and Mary Ann Borbon repair shoes at their shop to provide for their family of six. It is the couple’s primary source of income.

Their family is too poor to have their own house and only lives in a makeshift small house on the Wescom Road in Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City. It is also the same location where they set up their shoe repair shop.

Unfortunately, the shoe repair business does not always attract an influx of customers who are in urgent need to repair their shoes. The business is not a steady source of income and hence, why the family struggles to make a living.

Knowing that their parents need a helping hand at their shoe repair shop, Manuelita and Micko never failed to go straight to the shop to help their parents.

The money that they earn by helping their parents and stitching shoes after school is what they use to cover their school expenses.

According to their mother, the two hardworking siblings learned how to repair shoes all by themselves by observing their parents. 

Credit: Facebook/Jernannie Jethro Juaton

It is certainly heartwarming to see the two siblings help their parents after school and earn money by themselves.

Thanks to the concerned Facebook user who spotted Manuelita and Micko at their family’s shop, many kindhearted users have come forward to offer some help for the siblings including their school principal, Dr. Eduardo Santos.

Dr. Eduardo said that they would look into possible ways to help the Borbon family and improve their living situation.

Manuelita and Micko who both wished to pursue their studies and become soldiers one day hoped that their story would inspire others who face the same struggle to never give up on education and always help their parents.


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