News anchor receives praises after insisting to deliver news for 20 mins despite having stomach ache


MBN’s news anchor shows what dedication is after she was seen continuing reading news live on air for 20 minutes despite having a stomach ache. 

News anchor for MBN, Kim Ju-ha could be seen sweating while her voice was not as loud and clear as usual when she delivered the news on Wednesday’s news program.

Some parts of her hair appeared to be wet and sweat ran from her forehead to her cheek, neck and chest during the live television program. 

Credit: YouTube

Kim, however, could not be seen for the rest of the new program after delivering the program’s 13th report followed by a field reporter’s briefing.

Her place was then taken by another MBN’s news anchor, Han Sang-won.

According to Han, he had to take Kim’s place after Kim suddenly suffered stomach problems. He later announced that Kim would be back the following day on Thursday. 

Credit: YouTube

Following the incident, Kim had apologized to the viewers for her abrupt leave from the news program the day before.

“Yesterday I reminded myself of an old saying, ‘The bigger hurry you are in, the harder you chew on food’,” Kim said.

“It’s something that I have never imagined before,” said Kim before continuing, “Yes, I am going to the work today. What a public nuisance after 22 years of news reporting on TV.”

Kim Ju-ha has been MBN’s prime time news anchor since 2015. She began her career as a reporter for MBC in 1997 and became its main news anchor in 2008 before moving to MBN.

When the news clip of where Kim is seen sweaty and pale became viral online, many viewers offered her sympathy and praises her for trying to deliver news despite being in pain. 

Credit: YouTube

“When I saw that she became sweaty and pale, I knew she was in distress,” one viewer commented while another viewer praised her dedication, “She is very dedicated. Even when she was in pain, she still insisted to read the news.”


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