Mom finally walks away from an abusive marriage and remarries, son writes heartwarming message to congratulate her


A young man’s touching post about his mother’s divorce and remarriage has helped open many people’s eyes to the issue which is still frowned upon in India. 

Divorces are still considered a taboo among many in India’s society where women are loathed for getting a divorce, unlike men. Sadly, it is hard for many women in many parts of India to walk away from abusive marriages.

However, a young man has managed to draw many people’s attention to the issue with his heartwarming social media post about his inspiring mother who made a bold move to escape from a toxic and unhappy marriage.

In a Facebook post, Gokul Sreedhar wished his mother a happy married life after she ended an abusive marriage with his father. 

അമ്മയുടെ വിവാഹമായിരുന്നു.ഇങ്ങനെ ഒരു കുറിപ്പ് വേണോ എന്ന് ഒരുപാട് ആലോചിച്ചതാണ്, രണ്ടാം വിവാഹം ഇപ്പോഴും അംഗീകരിക്കാൻ…

Posted by Gokul Sreedhar on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

“It was my mother’s marriage. I thought a lot about whether to write such a note. After all, this is a time when a lot of people still cannot accept a second marriage. Those with eyes of suspicion, pity and hate, please don’t glance here. Even if you look, no one will melt here,” Gokul wrote.

In his post, Gokul descrived how badly his mother was treated in her first marriage before the two of them chose to leave his abusive father for good.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Pixabay)

“A woman who set aside her life for me. She has suffered a lot in what was a disastrous marriage. After getting beaten, when blood dripped from her forehead, I have often asked her why she bore it. I remember her telling me that she was willing to suffer for my sake as she was living for me,” he wrote.

“That day, when I left the house with her, I had decided about this moment. My mother, who set aside her entire youth for me, has a lot of dreams and heights to conquer.”

In just a few hours, his post quickly went viral on India’s internet, racking up 18,000 likes, 2,100 comments and 1,800 shares under just 6 hours. At the moment, Gokul’s post has gained 33,000 likes and 3,400 comments.

It was not only a breakthrough moment for both Gokul and his mother who managed to escape from his abusive father but for the society in India. 

The number of praises in the comment section certainly spoke volumes about the untold marriage stories in the country.

As for Gokul, he hopes nothing but happiness for his mother in her second marriage. “I have nothing more to say. I realized that this is something that does not need to be kept hidden. Mother, happy married life.”


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