Former garbage dump worker graduates college as valedictorian and receives full scholarship to the University of Melbourne


11-year-old Sophy Ron never had the chance of attending school when she had to sift through trash at the notorious garbage dump at Phnom Penh all day long. 

Today, Sophy who has now grown up into a confident and poised young lady stands on stage in front of her peers and gives an inspiring graduation speech in English!

As a young girl from an underprivileged background, Sophy had to help her parents by working at the garbage dump for seven days a week.

Her typical day at the dump involved her sifting through the garbage and breathing in the toxic fumes.

Credit: CCF

Even her daily meals came from the garbage dump; the leftover food that she scavenged.

Thanks to Cambodian Children’s Fund, a non-profit organization catered to aid children from the poorest area in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, Sophy managed to escape from the garbage dump.

She later attended Trinity College and graduated as a valedictorian!

Credit: CCF

Her achievements are nothing short of remarkable considering that she did not attend school until the age of 11.

As a first CCF student, Sophy did not only inspire others by graduating from college with flying colors.

She also won a full scholarship to the prestigious University of Melbourne where she will be completing her Bachelor’s degree!

Credit: CCF

On top of that, she was given the honor to give a speech at her graduation ceremony and many people were inspired by her story. 

Credit: CCF

Hundreds of comments from the netizens congratulated Sophy for giving hopes and inspire those who came from underprivileged backgrounds that they, too, could succeed as she did. 

Credit: Facebook

Some users also applauded CCF‘s efforts in rescuing and helping poor children in Phnom Penh.

Had it not been for their selfless act, Sophy and other children rescued from the garbage dump might not realize their full potential.


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