18-yo girl dances with teddy bear ‘father’ in a heartbreaking birthday party is making us all cry


Entering adulthood is a big change in a person’s life and there’s nothing you want more than to celebrate this special moment with your family—and have a special dance with your father.

But for Aljean Degamon Legaspino who just turned 18, it’s hard to celebrate this day without the person she loves the most—her father.

Legaspino’s father is no longer around. But she knew that he’s the one she wanted to share this meaningful moment together—and what she did will bring tears to all of us.

Knowing that nobody can ever replace her father, Legaspino had a photo of his father printed and placed on a large teddy bear.

Credit: Facebook/Janine Legaspino Ebero

During her debut party, Legaspino danced with the teddy bear with her father’s face and it’s heartbreaking to see. Just like how it broke many hearts that were watching her, Legaspino could not stop crying as she danced with her ‘father’.

Legaspino wiped off her tears while dancing with her teddy bear ‘father’.

Credit: Facebook/Janine Legaspino Ebero

As her friend took the video and posted on social media, the heartbreaking dance with her teddy bear ‘father’ went viral. Making many people cried along with her while watching the video, they related to Legaspino’s experience of losing a loved one.

It’s beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Credit: Facebook/Janine Legaspino Ebero

In a debut party, a father usually gets the honor to present the 18th rose to his daughter and they will have a short dance moment together. If the father is no longer around, he can be replaced by the brother, grandfather or another man who stands as a father figure of the birthday celebrants.

Legaspino’s father would be proud that his daughter still cherishes him and would rest assured that she will have bright years ahead of her.

Watch the heartbreaking dance here:

Posted by Janine Legaspino Ebero on Sunday, August 19, 2018


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