Tennis player’s son runs across court to comfort him after losing important match—heartwarming footage has touched everyone on the set

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French professional tennis player Nicolas Mahut could not hide his disappointment when he broke down in tears after being eliminated at the French Open.

However, what was supposed to be one of his saddest days turned out to be the opposite thanks to his son’s touching gesture.

In a heartwarming footage that has gone viral on social media, Nicolas is seen trying to hold himself together as he breaks down in tears after he lost in the third round to Argentina’s Leonardo Mayer. 

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According to Business Insider, it was a tough loss for the French tennis player as he had to drop two sets by tiebreaker in one of the most important French Open tournaments in his career.

The loss certainly did not help to boost his spirit as he was supposed to go against Roger Federer in the next round. Instead, Leonardo will be taking his place.

As he had suggested that it would be his last time playing singles at the tournament, the defeat was even more painful for him.

It was definitely a bitter pill for him to swallow until his 7-year-old son ran across the court to comfort and hug him.

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In the touching moment that has moved thousands of hearts around the world, Natanel and his father hugged each other as the audience cheered on them and clapped at the heartwarming sight of father and son.

“I have the comfort of my young boy. A lot of emotions. The tiredness of the match. My body was aching everywhere today. I finally, that match was over, and finally, he comes to comfort me,” as reported by Tennis World USA.

Apparently, it was not just the audience who was moved by the sweet gesture shown by Natanel.

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His opponent, Leonardo was also seen getting a little bit emotional as he witnessed Natanel hugging Nicolas. 

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This was not the first time Natanel showed his loving and supportive side to his father.

Last year when Nicolas won the doubles title at Roland-Garros, Natanel ran across the court to plant a sweet kiss on his father’s cheek to celebrate his victory.

Whether his father wins or loses on the tennis court, Natanel certainly proves that he will always be by his father’s side and that he only cares for his father’s happiness!

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