Heartwarming photo of a food delivery rider with prosthetic leg went viral, inspires netizens with his perseverance


If you ever feel like giving up, this inspiring GrabFood delivery rider will serve as a reminder for you to stay strong despite what life throws your way.

Just recently, an image of a GrabFood delivery rider made rounds on social media. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary image of a delivery rider doing his job.

However, a second look at the rider’s right leg will show that the image is nothing short of amazing!

Apparently, many were quick to notice that the GrabFood delivery rider has a prosthetic right leg as he was carrying a GrabFood bag on his back. 

If u think u r having a hard time, look at this warrior.. as long u r still alive, make urself worthy.. u don have to be…

Posted by Connextaxi on Saturday, June 1, 2019

The man was probably looking back at the delivery orders that he should make that day when he suddenly caught the attention of a passerby behind him.

The inspiring image of the GrabFood delivery rider was posted along on Facebook by user Connextaxi with a caption which said, “If u think you’re having a hard time, look at this warrior.. as long you’re still alive, make yourself worthy.. u don’t have to be a millionaire, you just need a healthy body with no sickness attached.. kudos to this warrior..”

The heartwarming image quickly went viral on the internet as many people were inspired and moved by the determination and perseverance showed by the GrabFood delivery rider.

Credit: Facebook/Connextaxi

It is certainly tough to earn a living as a delivery rider and to make sure to deliver them on time but this GrabFood delivery rider shows nothing is impossible even if he had a prosthetic leg on.

He was definitely a reminder for all of us to never quick to give up despite the challenges that life throws at us!

Credit: China Press | Facebook/Connextaxi


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