10-yo girl rides electric scooter at night, takes 3-yo sister along to visit sick mother in hospital before get caught by police

Photo for illustration purpose. Credit: Pixabay (L), Maxpixel (R)

A 10-year-old girl was determined to drive an electric scooter by herself with her 3-year-old sister to visit their sick mother at the hospital in Nanjing City, China.

According to the Jiangsu Public News Channel, the two sisters were spotted by local police when they were on their way to the hospital while riding the electric scooter on June 3.

In video footage captured police body cameras, the 10-year-old girl can be seen holding a mobile phone in her left hand while her right-hand holds the scooter’s handlebar as she navigates the unfamiliar road.

Credit: Jiangsu Public News Channel

She may be using a driving direction app before she was pulled over by the police.

The hospital was 12 miles away from their home but the girls did not make it to the hospital when the police spotted how young they were.

“My mom is sick and in the hospital,” the 10-year-old girl explained to the police when they were pulled over by the police.

“I’m bringing her some spending money so she can get better,” the girl added.

“Are you out buying something for your mom to make her healthy?” one of the police later asked to which the girl replied as she began to tear up.

When the police tried to stop them and offered to take them to the hospital, the older girl refused.

Credit: Jiangsu Public News Channel

“No, I want to find her myself!” she yelled at the police. The girl later attempted to run away from the police as she was determined to go visit her sick mother alone.

Fortunately, the police managed to get ahold of their father who was already at the hospital, accompanying their mother. 

Credit: Jiangsu Public News Channel

“You knew you were running away, didn’t you think how serious this was?” the father can be heard saying to the girls when he arrived at the scene.

He then took his young daughters home.

Credit: Jiangsu Public News Channel

In spite of being reprimanded by the police, the girls were praised by the amused netizens for their determination to go visit their sick mother at the hospital by themselves.

“This child is alright, [she] loves her parents,” a witness who saw the incident can be heard saying off camera.

Credit: The Epoch Times 


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