Sleeping with wet hair is bad for you. Here are 6 reasons to always dry them before sleeping


There are days when you just do not have the energy to wait for your hair to dry first and skip the blow dry before going to bed. Unfortunately, sleeping with wet hair may not be good for you.

While many people prefer to air dry their hair as frequent blow dry could damage the hair, letting it to completely dry before going to bed is not as simple as it may be seen.

After a long day at work, worrying about drying hair may be one of the last things in many people’s minds.

Unfortunately, this habit could bring damage to your hair and health! Here are 6 reasons why should not sleep with wet hair.

1. Hair breakage

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Hair is at its weakest when it is wet. As you toss and turn during your sleep, the friction can cause your hair to break more easily than when it is dry.

2. Tangled hair

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When you sleep, your hair can easily twist into all sorts of tangles and if you do not want to spend much of your time in the next morning to untangle your hair, make sure to dry your hair first before going to sleep.

3. Dandruff

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When you sleep, the natural oils from your damp hair can be easily stripped off by the pillow’s fabric which will lead to dull and dry hair and itchy scalp.

The loss of natural oils in your hair and scalp will eventually lead to dandruff! Not to mention that your damp pillow will encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi.

4. Headache

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Ever wonder where your headache came from? Sleeping with wet hair is not good for your body temperature as when every part of your body stays warm but your head has a lower temperature, it may cause a headache.

5. Bacteria growth

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Just think about letting damp cushions or pillows on your bed throughout the day, the same thing applies to when you sleep with wet hair.

Plus, the warmth that comes from your head will help the harmful bacteria and mold to breed on your pillows!

6. Acne

When your pillows become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, expect your skin to get affected as well. Sleeping with wet hair not only dampen your pillow and encourages bacteria growth but also increase your risk of breaking out.

As you can see, one thing leads to another and before you sleep with wet hair, you might want to think again!

Credit: BLDaily


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