Don’t worry if you haven’t found the one. Science says you’ll find true love between 27 to 35 years

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Still looking for love or just going through heartbreaks? Don’t worry, there’s still hope for you because a scientific study that was done by a scientist from the University of London just shows that you may find the love of your life between 27 to 35 years.

“In every action, there is an ideal point to maximize the results or minimize the damage—in which we must stop before moving on to the next stage. This is known as the theory of the optimal stop, and it’s the mix between being patient and being alert,” explained Hannah Fry, the mathematician who is in charge of this study.

Emotions and feelings are clearly complex and difficult to rationalize, but mathematicians claim that certain human patterns are studied from the standpoint of statistics.

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According to Fry who develops ‘the optimal theory’, she calculates how many couples a woman or man can have before getting to be with someone who considers the person ‘definitive’. From the studies, they found out that people found their life partner when they’re 27 years old. Hence, Fry said that it’s not advisable to marry your first lover.

“People will not find true love in those they know during the first 37% of their romantic life. That means that, if you want to get married before 40, you will not find your happy ending with the people you date from 15 to 27 years old.”

“Imagine that you start dating people at 15 and that you want to marry at 35. There are many potential partners at that time.”

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“The rule obviously is that once you get married you cannot keep looking to see what you missed.”

Fry suggests that you use your romantic experiences and failed relationships to determine what your expectations are about your life partner. By the end of your twenties and entering 30, you will be mature enough and have a more realistic expectation of what you’re looking for in a partner.

You’ll have a more realistic expectation of your partner as you get older.

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Fry’s theory shows a tendency in human behavior based on mathematics and algorithms, but love always goes beyond numbers and all. So if you found someone you imagine the rest of your life with before the age of 27, that does not mean that they are not your true love.

Mathematics does not lie, but the heart does not either. So, just follow what you think is best for you.

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